Savant Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (SJMMS)
September 2016 Vol. 2(7), pp. 169-172

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Original Research Paper

Olfactory Receptor Gene is a Possible MHC-linked Gene

Mohamed Mirza Jahromi

1Pathology Department, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain.
2Population Genetics, Clinical Research Department, Clinical Division, Dasman Diabetes Institute, Kuwait.

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Accepted 30th August, 2016


Background: Type 1 diabetes is one of the fastest growing non-communicable diseases worldwide. A single nucleotide polymorphism in the Olfactory Receptor family 14, subfamily J, and member 1 gene in the neighborhood of human leukocyte antigen-F has been shown to be significantly associated with type 1 diabetes. Methods: In order to confirm the latter finding, we studied the olfactory receptor gene in a case-control study comprising of 984 cases and 576 controls of European Caucasoid origin. Case and control subjects were genotyped for OR14 gene adjacent to HLA-F region, major histocompatibility complex-X, gene using Taqman SNP genotyping, Applied Biosystems. Results: The current results showed that the OR14-CC genotype is most significantly associated with the disease, p=0.001, and Odds Ratio=0.43. Furthermore, the -AC genotype showed a higher difference among cases than controls, p=0.02, and Odds Ratio=1.28. The OR14 gene did not show any substantial gender specificity association. Conclusion: These findings confirm our previous study, which showed a significant correlation between the OR14 gene and type 1 diabetes. The extension of such studies in this particular region is highly recommended. Different factors, including pathologic variables and co-morbidities, can help to recognize the pathophysiology of olfactory dysfunction with regard to OR14 gene variation in diabetic patients.

Keywords: Autoimmune diseases, Olfactory Receptor Gene, Type 1 diabetes, MHC-X gene, T1D