Savant Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (SJMMS)
September 2016 Vol. 2(7), pp. 155-158

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Original Research Paper

Hemangiopericytoma of the Lower Lip Distinct and Rare Entity

Enaam Junainah1, Dlal Nemenqanil, Saad Alzahrani2, Abdulrahman Alghamdi2, Nahid Hawsawil, Abdulelah Saber, Reem Alhakmi3, Moatasim Ghareeb4, Sami Kindy5

1Pathology Department, Taif university ,PO BOX 21492
2Medicine Department, Taif university
3Medicine Department, MOH
4Taif university, Hawia street ,PO BOX 888,
5Surgery Department, Taif university

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Accepted 23rd August, 2016


Hemangiopericytoma is considered as a rare entity, arising from mesenchymal cells with pericytic differentiation. Hemangiopericytoma is most commonly seen in adultshe tumor is extremely rare in the head and neck region. Surgical resection remains the mainstay treatment. Late relapses may occur and require long-term follow-up. We have a case of 63 years old male patient present with lower lip mass, which was excised and the histopathology diagnosis came a hemangiopericytoma.

Keywords: Hemangiopericytoma , rare, lip, favorable prognosis.